Class Sets

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Wombat|Rhiza is pleased to offer class sets for a number of our titles! Each class set must consist of a minimum of 20 copies to be eligible for the discount. When purchasing your copies, please use the 'Invoice' option, and we will manually apply the discount to your order.

Wombat|Rhiza also offers a variety of teaching resources. You can find a list of teaching notes and links to other resources on the Teachers page.

Here are our recommended titles that will make lovely additions to your class's reading sets.

the-thing-about-oliver.png lola-in-the-middle.png   can-t-beat-the-chemistry.jpg the-courtyard-children.jpg   9781925563535.jpg
Family, Diversity, Coping,
Marine Science
Teamwork, Leadership,
Responsibility, Friendship 
Family, Friendship,
Stereotypes, Identity
Identity, Loss, Family,
Belonging, Coming of Age

Friendship, Rehabilitation,
Slavery, Friendship, Family

how-not-to-be-popular.jpg  chronicles-of-klarin.jpg  finding-kerra-large.jpg girl-running-boy-falling.jpg memphis-grace.png
 Honesty, Bullying,
Kindness, Guilt
 Friendship,  Belonging, Multiculturalism,
Identity, Culture
 Mental Health, Relationships,
Community, Grief, Identity
Friendships, Disability,
Consent and Coercion
   smart-girls-dont-wear-mascara-large.jpg  9781925563153.jpg  the-verindon-alliance.jpg  
  Friendship, Individuality,
Ambitions, Conflict Resolution
Identity, Social Barriers,
Multiculturalism, Love
Xenophobia, Sibling Rivalry,
Insecurity, Change