Rhiza Edge Submissions

Rhiza Edge is open for query letter pitches from authors. Manuscripts do not need to be completed in order to pitch (i.e. just a two-page synopsis plus the first two chapters). 

We aim to publish relatable, issue-based stories for today's young adult readers, ranging from books with a light, humorous touch through to deeper, more challenging tales. As an independent publisher, we love to find those unique stories that connect us all.

We strongly recommend that you have read the types of books we publish before submitting a manuscript. Reading our recommended titles will ensure a higher chance of the right manuscript being pitched.

As a thank you to any prospective author who purchases and reads our Submissions Pack of books, we are offering personal feedback on their pitch from Rhiza Edge Publisher, Rochelle Stephens. Our aim is to save authors time by giving feedback immediately on whether your manuscript idea is one Rhiza Edge is looking for (before you even complete the story).

How to make a pitch:

To submit a pitch you will need to include:

  • A full 2-page synopsis.
  • A maximum of 1000 words of your first two chapters. A full manuscript is not required for your pitch letter.
  • Your full return details (i.e. name, address). These must also be included on the pages of your manuscript.
  • Any specific marketing plans for your manuscript is recommended.
  • The timeline you have planned to finish your manuscript if you have not yet completed it.
  • Feedback from any editors or beta readers you have worked with is also welcome.

Young Adult Fiction - What we are looking for:

Length: 45 000 to 85 000 words

We want YA stories that are:

  • Relatable and real-life
  • Focused on the challenges teens face
  • Ultimately hopeful
  • Engaging and thought-provoking

 Please note: We will not accept submissions with explicit violence, sex scenes, horror or excessive swearing.