Pre-School and Prep or Kindy

We have created these small packs with discounted rates and extra activities to help you through this time. Each book has specially designed activities to supplement your teaching and learning designed by an early childhood teacher.

A sample of the ideas you will get to match your books is available here: Jack and Mia notes.

Buy two packs or more and get a free copy of one of our recent Illustration Challenge book (Around Australia in 30 Places) and can use your receipt to enter into the challenge. Find out more here.

The Daddy Shop, Colour for Curlews, Spider Iggy



A wonderful set of books for pre-school or prep.

The Daddy Shop (hardcover)
Colour for Curlews (paperback)
Spider Iggy (hardcover)





 Little Meerkat, Eric Finds a Way



Perfect for Prep.
Little Meerkat: Super for Science and Self-Esteem
Eric finds a Way: Home Education and Creativity





Jack and Mia, Lulu




Perfect for Prep. Two paperback titles.

Lulu: Fantastic for Phonics!
Jack and Mia: Perfect for social isolation.