Prep Books Set #1

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A wonderful set of books for pre-school or prep!

The Daddy Shop (hardcover)

The Father and Son Picnic is coming up, but Daddy can’t go with Tai because he’s working. When Tai hears about The Daddy Shop, he takes matters into his own paws and tries out some new daddies. Around-the-House Daddy loves doing chores and Out-and-About Daddy plays all day long. But which daddy will be the best one for Tai?

A big-hearted tale that celebrates daddies everywhere.

Colour for Curlews (paperback)

Who could resist a little dab of colour here and there? Two curious curlews discover a stash of paints and brushes.

An adorable case of Australian birds introduce readers to the joy of colours and colour mixing.

Spider Iggy (hardcover)

In the cold, grey city no one ever seems to notice Spider Iggy.

As he spins his web into beautiful and intricate designs, he dreams of a faraway land filled with colour and light.

Determined to leave his ‘ho-hum’ life behind, brave Iggy sets out on an adventure to find the one place he can finally fit in.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review