David Malcolm Bennett

bennettdavidsmall.jpgDavid Malcolm Bennett is a Christian writer, living in Brisbane, who has the gift of doing thorough and painstaking research and presenting the results in a readable form. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on William and Catherine Booth, and he has written biographies of each of them. He has also written The Altar Call: Its Origins and Present Usage, his MTh thesis (awarded with merit), which examines the practice of inviting people forward after a presentation of the Gospel, and The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology, his PhD dissertation, which examined the origins of the ideas behind the Left Behind books. Among his other books are biographies of Charles Spurgeon, C. T. Studd, Hudson Taylor and John Wesley.


David's books with Wombat | Rhiza include:
Charles Haddon Spurgeon Revisited
John Wesley: The man his mission and his message
Hudson Taylor and China
The Sinner's Prayer: Its Origins and Dangers
William Booth and his Salvation Army
From Ashes to Glory