Hudson Taylor and China

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David Malcolm Bennett
Release date:
1 March 2018
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It is not so much great faith that we need, but faith in a great God.

At the age of 21, Hudson Taylor ventured on a dangerous sea voyage to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of China, demonstrating this faith he talked of. Why would a young man give up a promising future to venture into an alien country, let alone one torn apart by war? Would the Chinese accept him and would God bless his vision?

Hudson Taylor was so moved by the spiritual needs of the Chinese people that he obeyed God’s call and dedicated his life to taking the Gospel to the Chinese, founding the China Inland Mission. His story comes alive in this dramatised biography that relays the humanity, humour, and heart of the man widely regarded as one of the most significant and influential missionaries in the history of the Christian Church.

Hudson Taylor lived a life that boldly demonstrated faith in a great God, and his life still inspires and challenges many today.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review