Home Education

Many town libraries have closed, and school libraries may be less available to you. Now is the time to increase your home library, and share books. We would love you to choose some of our titles to add to your collection.

A ‘real’ book gives children a break from screens; a time to relax and bond with parents and carers; an opportunity to think about the world from another point of view and discuss this. By reading books with your children, you are fulfilling the Literature strand of the Australian English Curriculum.

To help make this possible, and easier for you, we have created a range of book packs to help you through this time at home. In addition to the books and our current teacher notes we have prepared extra notes for each book pack. With each book pack you will get a print out of a range of ideas and you can access our full teaching notes for all books here.

Buy two packs/sets or more and get a free copy of one of our Illustration Challenge books (automatically our newest release, Around Australia in 30 Places, unless you request one of the others) and can enter into the challenge. Find out more about the challenge here.

We have three of our sample packs below including a downloadable free list of home education activities. You will receive these for any pack you order for every title in the set.