Illustration Challenge: Marsupials At Risk

Our current illustration challenge is OPEN. The theme will be an non-fiction featuring endangered and vulnerable animals in Australia.

If you want to get started choose an animal from the below list and then the two types of pictures we will be looking for are:

  • Full A4 size pictures of the animal in an appropriate habitat. The full size picture should be portrait.
  • Single pictures with white backgrounds showing the animal. These can be portrait or landscape.

These pictures need to be in realistic style. For this illustration challenge no digital work will be accepted unless it is layered elements. (Eg a collage that is then layered using digital work). Mostly we are looking for coloured sketches, painting, watercolours and other artistic hand created styles.

Animals to be in the story:

Numbat | Mountain Pygmy-possum | Black-flanked Rock-Wallaby | Northern Quoll | Long-footed Potoroo | Woylie | Quokka | Southern Brown Bandicoot | Squirrel Glider | Greater Bilby | Rufus Bettong | Koala | Parma Wallaby | Smoky Mouse | Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat


Order a copy of any of our previous illustration challenges to enter.

Zoo BallAround Australia in 30 Places | Can I Sleep Tomorrow?

You can order them from any bookstore and submit your receipt.

For us to track all our submissions please complete this form:

Illustration Challenge Form

School entries:

Order 6 or more copies of any Wombat titles for your library. Your choice from your local supplier or direct. We recommend you buy at least a couple of copies of previous illustration challenges to see what kids have done.

Submit to: a scan at a minimum of 400dpi of your picture. You must keep your originals safe until you know if your image is included in case we need to scan it or edit it if your picture is chosen.

Further instructions are on the sample pages.