Around Australia in 30 Places

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The Wombat Books Team
Australian School Children
Release Date:
1st February 2020
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Product Overview

Attention! Attention! Calling all young adventurers.

Starting in Brisbane and ending in Capalaba (the home of Wombat Books), on each page of the book Wombat tells readers what makes the location special. Wombat slops on some sunscreen to visit the beaches of Gold Coast. He spots a roo at Taronga Zoo and gets out his cricket bat to play at Adelaide Oval.

Each page is beautifully and individually illustrated by Australian school children. Below are the finalists for the 2018 Illustration Challenge, whose work will be featured in Around Australia in 30 Places.

Tommy Clements   Britney Fallon
Layla Gill
Ruby Levitt
Scarlett Papps-Burford     Nathan Kingsley  
  Sarah Savige  
 Alexey Luchkovskiy    Kai Caspelherr 
Daisy Karner
Anna Rose Gray
Andrew Philip
Teniel Sauer Jack Morris
Ruby Wandschneider Abbey Olafsen Belle Ritchie
Ella Zieserl Evie Larcombe
Zach Searle Lara Winton
Blake Ellerman Sonya Clarke Aramis Surtees Caitlin Miller Berylia Nur'aina Rebecca Tang Rory Smith
Amber Liang   Samantha Parish 
Lara Tamke


(No reviews yet) Write a Review