Wombat Books and Rhiza Edge team of editors can offer appraisals on manuscripts.

Would you like a publisher/editor to appraise your work before submitting it to another publisher or even if you plan on releasing your book directly?

Our team can offer these appraisals to aspiring authors.

  • Appraisal includes general editing comments to improve your manuscripts
  • Things that work
  • Things that don't work
  • Recommendations on marketibility of the title
  • Pitching suggestions
  • Short advice as if it is something Wombat/Rhiza would consider or not, however please note an appraisal does not help you jump the slush pile. This service is designed to help authors with our expertise. Should you wish to submit the normal channels need to be followed.

Note: If a manuscript is of interest our team we will advise you to submit it, but there is no obligation to submit to us after your appraisal.



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