Krista Brennan

BrennanKrista smallKrista Brennan is an illustrator, fine artist, and art teacher who lives in Sydney with her partner and mischievous cat. She primarily uses traditional methods for her art, including watercolour, ink and oils. Krista’s art has been featured in picture books, card games, exhibitions, and competitions, but most of all, she enjoys using her pictures to tell stories. Whether in painting portraits or illustration, she is fascinated with the narratives that shape our understanding of the world. In illustrating, she is always excited to find ways to visually enhance the story she is working with. She loves finding themes to visually carry through a book, and she has an eye for the sorts of natural yet unexpected details that will give the images authentic life. Her specialist medium is watercolour, tackling a diverse range of subjects and styles with her bold, intense, realistic approach. She loves the vibrancy, texture and luminosity of watercolour, and finds it both incredibly challenging and rewarding to work with