Emma Cameron

Internationally published author and editor Emma Cameron delights in standing barefoot on floorboards warmed by sunlight, believes that cooking for others is a privilege and knows the joy of growing sunflowers alongside blueberries. Her stories are well-regarded by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, the Global Read Aloud and the Sakura Medal, as voted by international students. Emma’s favourite childhood haunt was the school library and she later worked in some so that she could be home for her two children outside school time. She then worked elsewhere and in 2005, minus a job, examined old school reports to see what inspired her before adult life took over. At six, she was an avid reader, possessed a most expressive, effective vocabulary, and wrote well, with creative flair. She was destined to be an author. After studying editing and creative writing, Emma’s creations were snapped up by publishers. Her first novel was published in 2012. She often ponders a lot without concluding anything, always feels a jolt inside when a bird flies into a windowpane and hopes the sky never falls down. 

Her website: www.emmacameron.com.au

Emma's books with Wombat | Rhiza include: