Wombat Books provides teaching notes, activities and much more for use in your classroom. We hope you find the content we have created useful in your exploration of our children's books.

You can order our books from your favourite library supplier and many of our children's book authors are also available for speaking in schools.

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Picture Books
Amira's Magpie
Annabel's Dance
Cloud Conductor
Colourful Memories
Coming Home
Do you Remember?
Emily Eases her Wheezes
Eric Finds a Way
 Fox & Moonbeam
Gemma Gets the Jitters 
Harrison's Song
If I Were a Lion
Jacaranda Snow
Jack and Mia
Kate and the Thing
Little Meerkat
Marlo Can Fly
Marty's Nut Free Party
Mila & Ivy
Oswald Messweather
Slowly! Slowly!
Something Broken Something Fixed
Spider Iggy
The Bedtime Band
The Daddy Shop
The Other Brother
The Whirlpool
When I See Grandma
 Junior Readers
Amanda Commander: The Purple Invitation
Amanda Commander: The Pinky Promise
Amanda Commander: The Yellow Dress
Archie Appleby
Camp Max
Little Good Wolf
Riz Chester: The Counterfeit Bust
Riz Chester: The Fingerprint Code
Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer's Escape
Ruby Wishfingers: Toad-ally Magic
Ruby Wishfingers: Hide and Seek
The Secret Society's Spectacular Experiment  
Secret Science Society in Space
Trouble for Toby  
 Middle Fiction
How Not to Be Popular
Lola in the Middle 
Smart Girls Don't Wear Mascara
Temora and the Wordsnatcher
Temora and the Dreamers
The First Tackle
The Thing About Oliver
The Ava Show
 Rhiza Edge
 Can't Beat the Chemistry 
Evacuation Road
Finding Kerra 
Flying Blind
Girl Running, Boy Falling 
Memphis Grace 
Out of the Cages 
Unspoken Rules 
The Courtyard Children 
The Verindon Alliance  
Wish Me Gone
Within the Ward