From Ashes to Glory

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David Malcolm Bennett
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A dramatised retelling of CT Studd, his cricket, his mission work and the decisions he made which helped form the mission organisation WEC International.

CT (Charlie) Studd was a cricketer of the highest class. He played in the famed Test Match between England and Australia in 1882 that began the legend of the Ashes. From Ashes to Glory tells the story of this remarkable, dedicated man, and contains an authentic account of the 1882 Ashes Test, with all its drama.

At the peak of his fame, Studd retired from cricket to serve as a missionary in China. In 1885, he was one of seven men of wealth and privilege who shocked the nation by giving up everything to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Chinese. While there, he suffered much, but saw many people come to Christ. In 1913, he went to Central Africa and became the founder of the mission organisation WEC International, which today has about 1,800 workers in 50 countries.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review