Memphis Grace

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Catriona McKeown
Release date:
20 October 2019
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Product Overview

Graceland was named after the King of Pop’s mansion by her Elvis-obsessed mum. But she’s not rich, not famous and definitely not noticeable.

She’s always just been Mikaela’s best friend.

That is, until Mikaela leaves school without explanation and Graceland finds herself noticed by Cooper Dally. Popular boy and Mikaela’s EX-BOYFRIEND. Now she’s the centre of attention: big parties, new dresses and girlfriend to Cooper. Graceland is finally changing her stars.

But Cooper has expectations Graceland can’t meet. And when the truth behind Mikaela’s leaving comes out, Graceland realises Cooper might not be the guy she thought he was. Worse, it could cost Graceland more than she’s willing to give to be noticed.


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Interested in other formats? Memphis Grace is also available as an audiobook and ebook.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review