Chronicles of Klarin

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Andrew Lansdown
Release date:
31st October 2018
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Product Overview

For the first time, Andrew Lansdown’s much-loved fantasy novels are bound into one omnibus edition, The Chronicles of Klarin.

When the unlikely hero, Colyn, finds a knife with mysterious powers, he opens a door into Klarin—a fascinating otherworld. Here he is attacked by dragons and defended by warriors. As his adventures into the otherworld continue, Colyn meets his match in Yasni, a girl who helps him in his dangerous quest to stop the dragons from gaining a new power that threatens his world.

In one final battle, Colyn finds himself struggling against not only the dragons of Klarin but also the dragons of the heart.

The Chronicles of Klarin is a tale of the bonds that bring us together when terrors threaten to tear us apart. Readers of fantasy will be delighted through the books: With My Knife, Dragonfox and The Red Dragon.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review