Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer's Escape

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Deborah Kelly
Leigh Hedstrom
Release date:
1st March 2016
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Product Overview

Ruby Wishfingers is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary name. Only nobody else seems to think so. That is until Ruby Wishfingers wakes up with a strange feeling in the tips of her fingers. She soon finds out that there is far more to being a Wishfingers than having a funny name.

Ruby can wish for whatever she wants with her wish fingers. However, she soon realises that they create more trouble than good.

Ruby Wishfingers will take you on a magical adventure, featuring talking cats, jelly bean rain and pocket-sized unicorns.


Interested in other formats? Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer's Escape is also available as an audiobook and ebook.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review