Ruby Wishfingers: Toad-ally Magic

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Deborah Kelly
Leigh Hedstrom
Release date:
22nd August 2016
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Product Overview

Ruby is back and so are her wishes!

With a head full of plans for the holidays Ruby’s fingertips already tingling with magic. That is, until Mum announces that Ruby’s horrible little toad of a cousin is coming to stay.

But some problems can’t just be wished away. Ruby’s wish for her cousin to turn into a real toad breaks magic’s most important rule. And when rules are broken, especially magic ones, there are always consequences.

Join Ruby and her little brother Jellybean on another extraordinary adventure exploring a winter wonderland, experiencing life as a slimy toad and finding out what happens when magic falls into the wrong paws!


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Interested in other formats? Ruby Wishfingers: Toad-ally Magic is also available as an audiobook and ebook.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review