Zenna Dare

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Rosanne Hawke
Release Date:
1st July 2014
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Product Overview

A secret spans five generations from Cornwall to Australia.

Who was Zenna Dare?

When Jenefer moves to the old family home in country Kapunda, she uncovers a secret from the past. What sort of life did Gweniver, her great-great-great-grandmother, lead? And what connection did she have to the glamorous young singer, Zenna Dare?

Could a nineteenth-century mother of nine have led a double life, and, if so, why?

In a story crossing five generations, from the old world to the new, Zenna Dare brings reconciliation in more ways than Jenefer could ever have imagined.


Interested in other formats? Zenna Dare is also available as an audiobook.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review