Stepping Sideways: Stories of Steampunk and Dystopia

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Emily Larkin
Lynne Stringer
Release date:
October 2024
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Product Overview

A circus is not all it seems. A monster… and opportunity… waits in ocean mists. A friendship is out of time. A group of kids escape scavenger dogs in a brutal world. A water sprite is far from home. And a machine generates romance.

These stories and others await in this steampunk and dystopian anthology by Australian authors, sure to transport you into worlds of danger and wonder.

Authors include Lynne Stringer, Emily Larkin, Annaliese Hudson, Linsey Painter, Shaye Wardrop, Andreas Katsineris-Paine, Adele Jones, Elizabeth Klein, Jeanette O’Hagan, Rachel Denham-White, Jennifer Horn and Bianca Breen



(No reviews yet) Write a Review