Slowly! Slowly! Doucement! Doucement!

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T.M. Clark
Helene Magisson
Release Date:
June 2022
French & English
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Slowly, slowly, you catch a monkey …
Bongani wants to go to school but he is too young. To prove to his family that he is big and strong just like his cousins, he tries to catch a monkey.
Luckily his family is there is to school him in the lessons of patience and compassion.

Doucement, doucement, on attrape un singe ...
Bongani veut aller à l’école mais il est encore trop jeune. Pour prouver à sa famille qu’il est grand et fort comme ses cousins, il essaie d’attrap-er un singe.
Heureusement, sa famille est là pour lui enseigner la patience et la compassion.


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