Pepper Masalah and the Kashmiri Princess

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Rosanne Hawke
Jasmine Berry
Release Date:
6 November 2024
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Product Overview

The carpet flies Pepper and Zam to Azad Kashmir where there has been an earthquake.

When Pepper is kidnapped, they meet Princess Jani who lives in a houseboat on a lake. She knows a secret and is in great danger.

Can they solve the mystery of the stolen animals and keep everyone safe? Will they ever return home to Australia?

In the 5th book, the carpet flies Pepper Masalah and Zamir to Kashmir and lands in the aftermath of a modern-day earthquake. When Pepper is kidnapped and locked in an animal shelter by some thieves, she meets a snow leopard, a cat, and a woman named Jani, who reminds her of Zamir’s Dadi. Despite Pepper’s clever plan to release the animals and reunite with Zamir, the new group cannot evade the thieves. It seems only Jani will be able to help. Will Zamir and Pepper find a way to escape? Or will Jani’s secret change everything?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review