Immortal Mistake

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Adele Jones
Release date:
August 2023
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For as long as Rennie Parker’s been alive, his parents have fought—about money, about life, but mostly about him being the biggest mistake of their lives. His half-brother, Blaine Colton, seems to have landed a sweet deal with his adoptive family, and Rennie can’t help being envious.

When a night of domestic turmoil lands his mother in hospital and his father a thread away from arrest, Rennie gets his wish of staying with his brother’s family—but that’s not before he witnesses a stranger with bionic powers unearthing a high-tech vault in his backyard.

Determined to discover the purpose of the stranger’s visit, he manages to secure the top-secret contents of the vault with inexplicable links to his brother. This lands him in a world of pain with a time gap he can’t explain.

Left with terrifying dreams and fragmented memories, he must piece his world together before—?

If only he could remember.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review