Take on our Home Reading Pack!

Posted by Wombat Books on 7th Oct 2021

Take on our Home Reading Pack!

Middle and Junior Fiction Home Reading Pack

With six great books included, there are a lot of great lessons to learn at home, or even at school!

Many-Coloured Realm, by Anne Hamilton

Fantasy, science and a numerical literacy style. A numerical literacy what? Yes, style. Many-Coloured Realm is a starlit fantasy, blended with science fiction, fantasy and mathematics, all in one novel. You get all of the grand fantasy aspects, with an extra dash of science. And who doesn’t love science?

The Secret Science Society's Spectacular Experiment, written by Josie Montano & Kathy Hoopmann and illustrated by Ann-Marie Finn

What happens when you put a moaner, a worry-wart, a stickler for rules and a breaker of rules all together in one Secret Science Society? Disaster.

But just because people have different personalities, doesn’t mean they can’t cooperate. The Secret Science Society’s Spectacular Experiment (try saying that five times fast) shows the reader that just because you might have differences with others or some disagreements, it doesn’t mean you can’t compromise and find a way to include everyone and have fun! How do you plan a grand experiment whilst making sure everyone is enjoying themselves? Take a read and find out.

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, you can also take advantage of the free  Teaching Notes we have for The Secret Science Society’s Spectacular Experiment.

Trouble for Toby, written by Janet Reid and illustrated by Amanda Francey

Toby wants a pet, but the problem is that his parents will only get one if he stays out of trouble. But that’s just it, he has trouble staying out of trouble.

Trouble for Toby is a great and funny book about how sometimes having a great imagination and yearning for the most exploration and fun can sometimes make you forget about being aware of those around you. Though it’s great to have fun and explore the limitless wonders of one’s imagination, it’s also important to make sure that you’re mindful of those around you.

On our website, we also have some great  Teaching Notes for Trouble for Toby, so you can get the most out of the lessons the book teachers, whether you’re teaching at home or at school.

How Not to be Popular, by Cecily Anne Paterson

Maddie tries her best to be nice to everyone, but she wants to get the cool K-girls at school to be interested in her again and finds herself having to make a big decision at the Year 6 camp.

Another great novel set in Kangaroo Valley Public School, where common experiences that kids often go through are told in a funny, wholesome and empowering way.

How Not to be Popular also has free Teaching Notes available on our website, which focus on the bullying and friendship aspects of the book, two major issues pre-teens face as they grow up and try and find their place in the world. As well as teaching about bullying, the book and the accompanying notes seek to teach empathy and kindness, as well as honesty.

Allsorts, written by Andrew Lansdown and illustrated by Susan Lansdown

Looking for a fun collection of poems? Then look no further than our sweet-tooth anthology Allsorts! Not only are the poems colourful and sweet, but they’re also award winning! Allsorts can also teach you a thing or two about poetry and all the different forms and techniques. Just open the jar and pick out a piece!

Archie Appleby: the Terrible Case of the Creeps, written by Kaye Baillie and illustrated by Krista Brennan

Do you want some junior thrills but also humour? Archie Appleby can give you that! When his uncle goes missing, he’s sure that his Great Aunt Ruth had something to do with it. Now he has to stay with her for two days at her scary old house … but he finds it to be an excellent opportunity to do some investigating.

You can find  Teaching Notes for Archie Appleby: the Terrible Case of the Creeps on our website so you can go through the themes and some activities with your junior reader after they’ve taken on the mystery. Bravery, imagination, family and trust; there are so many topics to bring into the discussion.