Katrina Roe Set: Relatable Issues

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Enjoy this great trilogy of issue-based reads by Katrina Roe, illustrated by Leigh Hedstrom, and join Marty, Emily and Gemma as they explore safe and fun options for everybody! Regardless of allergies, asthma or anxiety!


Marty's Nut-Free Party

Marty loved to party. At every party, Marty was the first to arrive and the last to leave. That was before Marty found out that peanuts make him sick. Really sick.

Parties aren't so much fun for Marty now that he keeps ending up in hospital. How can Marty and his friends make their parties safe and fun for everybody?

It just wasn't a party without Marty.

Emily Eases Her Wheezes

If Emily tries to play basketball, she ends up puffing. What can you do when asthma stops you from playing with your friends? Join Emily and her friends as they find a way she can join in on the fun. Join Emily, Marty and their friends in this new adventure to help them to understand asthma in a fun and entertaining way.

Gemma Gets the Jitters

Gemma has a new camera!

She is visiting the mountains and wants to get the perfect photo. But at the top of the lookout, Gemma gets the jitters.

Will she let her fear of heights stop her from achieving her dream?

Join Gemma, Marty and their friends as they help Gemma overcome her jitters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review