The Secret Science Society in Space

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Josie Montano and Kathy Hoopmann
Ann-Marie Finn
Release date:
June 2023
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Product Overview

Mona is earth-bound.
Kiki is mission control.
Bart has a galactic space obsession.
And Zane's thinking is off the planet.
The Secret Science Society need to come up with a prize-winning experiment.

Will their excursion to the Planetarium be over the moon? Do they really build a rocket ship to put a dog in space? And will they solar-brate a win at the Science Expo?

With Zane's mystery modifications this can only mean one thing: An astronomical DISASTER!

But ssssshhhhh, the ending is out of this world.


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Teachers' Notes for The Secret Science Society In Space are available here.


Awards & Nominations:

Winner (3rd place) of The Forevability Book Awards 2024 Category 2


(No reviews yet) Write a Review