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Lynne Stringer
Emily Larkin
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Forthcoming 2024
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History Unlocked: Short stories in modern history

History Unlocked: From a Time Before is a collection of short stories covering modern history of the past 120 years (that is we want stories featuring the plight, energy, breakthroughs of those. To find out what sort of short stories we have enjoyed in the past check out our collection, Crossed Spaces, The Opposite of Disappearing, Dust Makers, Through Their Eyes and Diverging Worlds.

Stories need to be clean and 12+ friendly as we sell these books into schools. However if set in the war please feel free to include the realistic nature of the situations. 

Stories need to be in the real word. Narrative non-fiction and/or historical fiction will be considered. We would like to see stories of real people as well as real times that showcase the memories of our mothers and fathers, grandparents, great-grandparents. Keep these stories alive!

Competition entry fee:

School or Uni Students/Pensioners: $11 Use code 10DISC to get the discounted price.

School Entry Price: $44 (inc GST) for as many students as desired. Schools please email us for information so you don't pay $10 per entry. Schools will be provided different instructions if sending a collection. 

Adult Writers: $16.50 (inc GST) per story

Email your entry with your name, phone, email address, postal address, school (if student) and title of story in the body of the email. Stories are copyright to you. Selected stories will receive an agreement for use of their work in the collection.

Please send your entries with all details to

Terms and Conditions Here.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review