Little Good Wolf

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Aleesah Darlison
Shannon Melville
Release date:
1st March 2012
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Product Overview

Little Good Wolf wants to be liked and to have friends. He wants to belong. But Little Good Wolf has one HUGE problem. His dad is the Big Bad Wolf, the most feared villain in all of Fairytale Land.

The Big Bad Wolf scares girls in red capes. He chases grannies in their nighties. He blows houses down and frightens little pigs. No wonder no one will play with Little!

Determined to gain acceptance at school, Little begs Dad to find a new job. What follows are some rather hilarious, and hair-raising, adventures. Will the Big Bad Wolf ever find a new job? One that will help Little finally make friends?

Featuring familiar, well-loved, fairytale characters, this rib-tickling story about a Little Wolf searching for identity and acceptance – and a few good friends – will have you howling with laughter.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review