Imogen's Chance

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Paula Vince
Release date:
1st July 2014
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Imogen Browne longs to make up for past mistakes before she can move on. She quietly resolves to help the Dorazio family, whose lives she accidentally upset. Her biggest challenge is Asher, the one person who may never forgive her. And he is facing a crisis of his own. Imogen must tread very carefully, as trying to fix things may well make them shatter.

A sensitive story about misplaced loyalty, celebrating life and falling in love. Can family secrets concealed with the best intentions bear the light of day?

'Imogen's Chance is another wonderful novel from Paula Vince. I enjoy a book that tackles the real issues of Christian life today. This story walks us through the common feelings of regret, unforgiveness, and low self esteem. It brings insight and biblical perspective while racing the reader through an interesting plot. Paula asks the question, 'Is miraculous healing possible today?' Put up your feet and enjoy this fascinating reading experience.' Jo Wanmer, pastor and author


(No reviews yet) Write a Review