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Susan Miura
Release date:
1st December 2020
Original publisher:
Vinspire Publishing
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Product Overview

Hovering just below the surface of Shilo Giannelli’s average existence lies an amazing spiritual power.
Like her great-grandmother, she has The Gift. But the power to heal isn’t something she can share with the soccer team, her genius little sister, or her boyfriend, Kenji. Definitely not Kenji.​

Deep beneath Misty Morning’s tough façade is a lifetime of abandonment, foster homes and broken dreams. When her two-year-old son is abused by her boyfriend, her fragile world shatters … until Shilo prays for Tyler, and he is healed, leaving Misty curious.
Shilo can’t give Misty the answers she needs; she only knows she has a God-given destiny, and despite facing strained relationships, impossible decisions, and the threat of being hounded day and night for her abilities, she will fulfill it.

The journey Misty and Shilo take together unites them as friends but invites danger into their lives. And it will take a miracle for these unlikely friends to elude a gang bent on revenge, keep The Gift a secret, trust God in extraordinary circumstances ... and hold on to the people they love.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review