Save on Gifts and get yourself a Book Pack!

Posted by Wombat Books on 18th Nov 2021

Save on Gifts and get yourself a Book Pack!

Are you looking for some great reads for others for this holiday season? Then take a gander at the great book packs we have lined up on our website. For junior readers, middle readers, young adult and adult readers, there's a book pack for each age group. Right now, we have some amazing sales on our book packs, where some of them are more than 50% off!

Just head on over to our book pack page and check them out!

Not sure what to buy?

Between Wombat books, Rhiza Edge and Rhiza Press, we have a lot of different titles for different kinds of readers. Whether you're looking for something fun and interesting, something riveting, or something to learn from, we've got a little something for everyone.

A range of our titles also come in the form of eBooks and Audiobooks that you can find the staple sites for those format; so you can read on the go! If you also want to learn a little more about our books, you can also find some great videos on our YouTube channels: Wombat BooksRhiza Edge.

And not only do we have some great book packs, but we also have a couple of book series, sequels and trilogies, to keep readers reading! You can find them on our website today! Ruby Wishfingers, the Verindon series, Motive Games, the Integrate series, Beyond Borders Series, The Invisible Tree Series and the Kangaroo Valley Public School Series!