Recommended Reads for the #CareforOthersChallenge

Posted by Wombat Books on 2nd Nov 2021

Recommended Reads for the #CareforOthersChallenge

This list may be updated occasionally.

Though we pride all of our books in being great and enjoyable stories you'll want to share, we have some top recommendations for the Care for Others Challenge! Focused on teaching kids care, compassion and understanding, these books stand out as particularly awesome for such a goal!

We have a great range of different topics for readers to love and learn from, ranging from the new kid in school, to bullying, to anxiety, asthma and allergies! Meet a great classroom full of brilliant and bright individuals such as Oswald, Harrison, Kate and Toby!

Title Relevant Themes Extra Resources
Harrison’s Song Bullying, Confidence, Stutter, Communication Teaching Notes
Colour-In Page
Kate and the Thing New School, Self-Courage, Friendship, Belonging Teaching Notes
Gemma Gets the Jitters Anxiety, Friendship, Goals Teaching Notes
Boondaburra Different, Bullying, Finding Strength in Differences
Marty’s Nut-free Party Allergies, Caring, Friendship Teaching Notes
Emily Eases her Wheezes Asthma, Friendship Teaching Notes
Amira’s Magpie Cultural Difference, Loneliness, Supporting Others Teaching Notes
Cloud Conductor Supporting Others, Friendships Teaching Notes
Colour-In Page
Oswald Messweather Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Mental Health, Compromise
Annabel’s Dance Uniqueness, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Community Acceptance Teaching Notes
The Other Brother Belonging, Family, Change Teaching Notes
The Invisible Tree Series This series is all about cultivating positive values and sharing them.
Little Good Wolf Behavioural Issues, Identity, Cooperation, Family, Friendship, Acceptance Teaching Notes
The Thing About Oliver Autism, Coping with change, Compassion, Family, Difference, Diversity Teaching Notes
Trouble for Toby Care, School Rules, Behaviour, Friendship Teaching Notes
How Not to Be Popular Bullying, Honesty, Kindness, Inclusiveness, Friendship Teaching Notes
Colour-In Page
The Secret Science Society’s Spectacular Experiment Diversity as Strength, Differences, Stereotyping Teaching Notes
Lola in the Middle Teamwork, Friendships, Responsibility Teaching Notes
Smart Girls Don’t Wear Mascara Conflict Resolution, Self-awareness, Friendship Teaching Notes