Girls in League Wall of Inspiration

Posted by Wombat Books on 17th Mar 2022

Girls in League Wall of Inspiration

Simaima Taufa
Parramatta, NSW and Australian forward
My advice to young girls is to give everything a go, try your best and if you can dream it, you can be it. It’s always important to enjoy what you do and have fun. And finally, it is ok to ask for help with things you may not know or understand. When you get knocked down, dust yourself off and have another go.

Chelsea Lenarduzzi
Broncos, QLD and Australian forward
What’s so cool is that young girls get to grow up today knowing that rugby league is an option. They will grow up watching NRLW, State of Origin and international games on TV, and think it’s just normal that they can play it and watch it.

Holli Wheeler
Dragons, NSW and Australian forward
You will never regret playing rugby league. If it’s something you’re considering, then why not?! Girls can too. You have the chance to be a part of something so special and this is your opportunity to leave your mark on the game. Work hard, never stop learning, stay humble and be grateful for every opportunity that comes your way.

Allana Ferguson
Former NSW and Jillaroos playmaker, Channel Nine NRL commentator and panellist
If your heart is 100% in, then everything else is a bonus. Back yourself, have fun, and surround yourself with people who challenge you daily. There's a learning curve at every corner - enjoy the ride!

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