Apples Not Orples

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R. A. Stephens
Carmen Dougherty
Release Date:
2 October 2024
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Product Overview

Two apples plus three oranges.
Does that make five orples?

NO! It's still two apples and three oranges.

Join the band of animals for a counting and adding challenge.

But don’t get too mixed up!


Ever wondered why you can’t add things up that aren’t the same? Because apples and oranges can’t make orples! In this quirky counting book, readers will engage with all the different ways you can go WRONG in adding like terms. As many maths teachers would understand, this is a common struggle for young learners when they are introduced to algebra and patterns.

With a fun look at mixing up counting for young kids, this book also combats algebra gone wrong for older kids. Like terms learnt in a fun way. It’s algebra for pre-schoolers!

Read this book to understand algebra concepts, seeing visually why you can’t mix and match. Written in a way that you can interact with the reader, this STEAM book explores several common algebra mistakes and how to avoid them.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review