Daystar Teaching Resource

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Release date:
30 January 2016
Anne Hamilton
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Product Overview

Ideal for classroom use, for individual students, group work or homeschooling. A wide selection of blackline masters covering topics ranging from English to science can be scanned or photocopied to create instant lessons. Also suitable as extension material, catering for a wide range of abilities.

This 240 page resource is specifically tailored to align with the themes and setting of the Australian fantasy novel, Daystar. Much of the material can be used in a wide range of curriculum settings.

Daystar Blurb:

For centuries, the knights, dwarves, giants and sages of Auberon-Zamberg have been intent on a single quest. They’re all searching for ‘The King Who Guards the Gate’. Prophecy speaks of him as one of seven protectors who will defeat the armies of night and overcome the Dark Sleeper.

The last thing anyone is expecting is that these seven protectors are ordinary children.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review