Challenge Pack: for Older Picture Book Readers

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This book pack contains some great readers for the upper age of picture book readers, with some important and challenging themes. Fantastic for readers 7+.


Once: Exploring history for kids

Kate Forsyth tells tales of her ancestors’ lives in Australia in this beautifully illustrated picture book that celebrates the power of story. From the first perilous journey to a new land, to the great wars and civil rights movements, readers live through key moments in Australia’s fascinating history.

Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest: Understanding real world issues

In the snowy Himalayan Mountains, monkeys flitted from tree to tree and fish shone silver in the stream. Hidden there lived a beast that villagers rarely saw: the Ghost of the Forest.

Once, the slave girl Chandani lived near the mysterious forest, dreaming of kindness. Her work was never done or good enough for her mistress. She longed for her home and family. Then she discovered the Ghost of the Forest and her world changed forever.

Mustara: A child's view of unique time in Austalia's history

Every day Mustara and Taj look out onto a sea of yellow-red dust and stones. The sand rolls and shifts. Taj’s father says it is like the waves of the ocean and the spinifex bushes are little boats blown about by the wind.

Taj longs to take his young camel into the desert to explore, but like a storm in the ocean, the desert can turn wild. Taj and Mustara must prove their strength and courage.

Cloud ConductorReflecting on imagination in a time of illness

Frankie loves to just sit and watch the clouds. She conducts symphonies in the sky and listens to the melodies that only she can hear.

As the seasons pass, Frankie is taken away from her bedroom on the tales she creates. Even when illness means she can’t leave her bed, Frankie can escape to the beach with shimmering waves or the outback with thundering horses.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review