Care for Others Challenge

photo-5-6-80-7-52-08-am-4-.jpgWelcome to the Care for Others Challenge!

This November, we're running a writing challenge for school-aged students in Years 1 - 6. This writing challenge is about how can we show care for others that are different to us?

To enter the challenge, all you need to do is purchase any Wombat Books title during the period of November 1st—November 21st and then email in your little writer's short story of about 1-2 pages on how they would show care to a classmate who is different, or what they learned about people who are different to them.


Maybe they know a new classmate like Kate (Kate and the Thing), how might they welcome them?

Maybe they have a slightly tangled classmate like Oswald (Oswald Messweather), how might they help them be comfortable?

Maybe there's a classmate who needs to catch their breath like Emily (Emily Eases her Wheezes), or someone a bit jittery like Gemma (Gemma Gets the Jitters), or even someone who can't eat the same things like Marty (Marty's Nut-Free Party)! How could they show care for those classmates?



Entry Guidelines

This short story can be fiction, or be a reflective piece or recount about a time when they showed care, or now know they could have better showed care.

The challenge is split up into two categories: Junior (4-8) and Middle (9-13). 

How to Enter

Buy any Wombat Books title and then email us your little reader's short story. When you email, please attach the following details: Your name, the Entrant's name, the name of the story (if it has one) and your receipt number. If you purchased a Wombat Books title during the competition period not from our online store, please attach a copy of that receipt.  

The Prize

Wombat Books is working with Spencil once again! Spencil will be generously sponsoring two school prize packs for the Care for Others Challenge, to reward the top writers of each category for their compassion, care, understanding and empathy towards their peers.


Wombat Books prides itself in delivering great books that teach our readers something important, especially when it comes to understanding one another and being empowered by our differences, and that's what we would like to do with this challenge! Although, it won't be us with the pen, but little readers and writers themselves.

Here are some more great recommendations for beautiful books that teach readers how to show care and engage with those who might be a bit different to them.

Annabel's DanceAmira's MagpieThe Thing About OliverHarrison's SongThe Other BrotherThe Secret Science Society's Spectacular ExperimentLola in the MiddleTrouble for TobyThe Invisible Tree Series



Terms and Conditions

Entrants must be Australian primary school-aged students, between the ages of 4 and 13 (which must be declared during entry)

Entrants' work must be their own original work, and be only 1-2 pages

Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of Wombat Books staff and Spencil staff