Animal Book Set: Explore Nature

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This book pack contains three great reads that explore animals in nature. Not only will they learn a thing or two about these wonderful creatures, but each have an endearing story and lesson to share with readers.


Puggle's Problem

Pipp Puggle is a tiny echidna with a big problem.

Although he’s good at doing lots of things, like: hunting ants, curling into a ball, and building terrifically tidy burrows, Pipp’s spines simply will not come.

Tired of waiting for them to appear, Pipp sets out on a quest to make them grow. But he soon learns that some things can’t be rushed ...

Slowly! Slowly!

Slowly, slowly, you catch a monkey ...

Bongani wants to go to school but he is too young. To prove to his family that he is big and strong just like his cousins, he tries to catch a monkey.

Slowly, slowly, he must go.

Luckily his family is there to school him in the lessons of patience and compassion.

Marlo Can Fly

Just because you can, doesn't mean you need to or should.

Everyone expects Marlo to fly, but she would rather slither like a snake, hop like a kangaroo and swim like a crocodile. But when someone needs her help can she rise to the challenge?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review